dimanche 21 mars 2010

HOBO CULT Compilation CD + SEPT ÂMES Magazine


1 - Dead Pacific ::: Velvet Chrome
2 - Twilight Waterfall ::: Magic Beach
3 - Long Long Jump ::: Thoughts On Air
4 - Stay A Little While Longer ::: JLK
5 - House Party 1973 ::: Pradada
6 - Emotional Teenager ::: Thickly Painted Walls
7 - Boughs ::: Nation R. Gilds
8 - Paris ::: Dirty Beaches
9 - Perso Nella Notte ::: Wasted Widow
10 - Chunjie ::: Parallel Pyres
11 - Aiman Is On Radio ::: Simon Frank
12 - Time ::: Wonder Wheel
13 - Contemplating The Observatory ::: Panabrite
14 - Infini ::: Esprits Frappeurs
15 - La Montaña del Capricornio II (Excerpt) -
Bernardino Femminielli
16 - Untitled ::: Sundrips
17 - Sky Lift ::: Hobo Cubes


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine launched the first of seven magazines called Sept Âmes (Seven Souls), which merges cinema / philosophy / collage / spiritual practices all in one. Containing over 50 pages of weird visuals and an interview with cosmo-genesis talking guru / cinematic legend Peter Whitehead, the cut-up format lends itself perfectly to the ideas that float randomly throughout these pages. 4 dvds are included with the magazine (Terror 1-2-3 + Mattin Live Performance). Upon seeing my collages, he decided that he wanted me to include a compiltaion cd which would contain a booklet of my artwork. I then proceeded to contact some close collaborators so they could include a single of theirs for the cd. Here is the result.

To get in contact with Jean Bourbonnais (the magazine's creator and founder of CA CA CA) to buy a copy of this project, please write to this address:



Also available is a 30 minute tribal drone movie
Circle Of The Sun, created by CA CA CA, which includes the Hobo Cubes soundtrack Black Magik Drug Womb.

This is the first release of the Hobo Cult visual division called Moduli TV.

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